Processes Deliver our ZBS

Processes Deliver Continuous Improvement

Ensuring innovative, high-quality products and customer satisfaction requires a non-stop commitment to continually improving. The Zurn Business System (ZBS) includes core processes that keep us focused on world-class performance and growth:

Continuous Improvement – a culture keeps innovating. The Continuous Improvement process ensures a culture of engagement and improvement. It drives us to look continually at quality, delivery, cost and growth, and to involve every associate in making the pursuit of excellence a priority.

Visual Daily Management – an eye on progress. We keep our aspirations and actions front and center. Our Visual Daily Management process creates a workplace environment where teams can quickly view progress on key performance indicators, and regularly interact to discuss, learn and pivot as needed to ensure business commitments are met.

Problem Solving – knowing how to solve. Our Problem Solving process gives us a systematic way to quickly assess the root cause of issues while creating short-term and long-term solutions. It includes a five-step process of defining, measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling, using tools such as process mapping, cause-and-effect diagrams and pareto analysis.

Advanced Manufacturing – innovating solutions. With our Advanced Manufacturing process, we’re working to increasingly integrate new and innovative technologies in both products and processes. These solutions help us be competitive and add value for our customers.

Demand Management – working together to win. The Demand Management process is our cross-functional planning process to align sales, inventory and operations planning and ensure we can support customer demand while managing costs and profitability.

Acquisitions – for successful integration. Acquisitions are a critical part of our growth strategy. Our Acquisitions process provides a systematic way to ensure smooth integration of new businesses. It encompasses all the tasks commonly performed during integration, meaning we can focus on sharing learnings and enhancing results rather than continually reinventing the integration process.

Core Market Growth – bringing sustainably inspired solutions to market. Our Innovation process brings together market assessments, the voice of the customers, supply chain optimization, product testing, technology implementation and business development to optimize speed and quality as we commercialize new products and services.