Zurn Business System (ZBS) - Solve Smarter

What is the Zurn Business System?

The Zurn Business System (ZBS) is the true north that connects our processes and values and gives us tools for continuous improvement. It’s based on the notion that with great people, a winning plan and a systematic, repeatable process, we can do a little more and a little better for our customers every day.

By bringing in the voice of the customer, engaging associates, ensuring process-based and scalable execution, and creating a culture of continuous improvement, ZBS enables speed, scalability and consistency in everything we do.

When we see an opportunity, we have a toolkit that allows us to act. When we collaborate with colleagues around the globe, we have a common language and processes in place to quickly identify and share opportunities. When we make an acquisition, we have a framework for integration that identifies and optimizes the best of both worlds.

ZBS applies to everyone at Zurn Water Solutions and every associate completes training about our business system. Online training courses give further learning in key areas. Our ZBS Leadership Program offers a chance to be certified in processes such as Value Stream Mapping, Total Productive Maintenance and Six Sigma.

Our ZBS principles underpin an ongoing process cycle that includes daily management, kaizen events and breakthrough targets. Our efforts focus on 17 core business processes grouped into four key focus areas: People, Plan, Process and Performance.



We believe the best solutions start with engaged associates. That’s why every part of the Zurn Business System is driven by and involves people. This includes processes focused on Health and Safety, Total Associate Engagement and Talent Management.

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Our goal is continuous improvement across our business platforms. Four core processes help us plan for and deliver this growth: Strategic Planning. Strategic Deployment, our Budget process and Product Life Cycle Management.

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Ensuring innovative, quality products and customer satisfaction requires a commitment to continually improving. ZBS includes core processes that keep us focused on world-class performance, such as Visual Daily Management and Demand Management.

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We must know where we stand today to get to where we’re trying to be tomorrow. That’s why two ZBS processes target measuring our progress so we can fine-tune results. They are Customer Experience and Internal/External Measurement.

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