Associate health and wellness is an important focus at Zurn. In order to do and feel our best, it’s essential our work environment supports the well-being of its associates.

That’s why we are devoted to creating a space that promotes wellness. By offering various resources throughout our facilities, we strive to ensure each associate is given the tools they need to achieve.

 Today, about 91 percent of Zurn’s U.S. workforce completes our Wellness Program, which aims to provide information, activities and support for associates’ healthy choices. Participants earn wellness points throughout the year, helping them actively reduce their annual health benefits cost. 

One way we support associate health and wellness is making fitness accessible. For example, our headquarters building in Milwaukee features a fitness room with top-tier equipment used year-round.  At other locations, associates take part in activities like paint ball contests, onsite yoga and running as a team in city race events. Most sites also coordinate health screening, blood drives and guides for healthy eating. 

Additionally, the company recognizes the significance of mental health. Our Employee Assistance Program provides referrals for support where needed, and in the U.S., Zurn utilizes a virtual health care vendor who provides assistance for both medical and mental wellbeing support 24/7. We also extend our mission beyond company walls: volunteerism is woven into our wellness efforts and communications, supporting the important connection between community engagement and personal wellbeing. 

“The healthier associates are, the more they can thrive on the job. That’s why wellness is becoming a part of our culture. Local wellness activities and volunteer programs do a great job of making sure there are fun, healthy ways to engage with each other and our communities, and enjoy healthy choices together,” says George Powers, Chief Human Resources Officer. 

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