Zurn Water Solutions has always been committed to doing business the right way. That’s why Integrity in everything we do is one of our core values. From our founding in 1900 by John A. Zurn to the tax-free spin-off of our Process & Motion Control business last year, we’ve never stopped reimagining ways to use water more effectively and efficiently. Now, as an inherently ESG company, we are doubling down on the systems and processes that ensure that we live up to our core values continuously in every part of our company.

We train all associates annually on our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics. In 2021, we introduced two new training modules into our annual Code of Conduct training: Overcoming Unconscious Bias in the Workplace and Leading Diversity. The Code clarifies our expectations for associates and guides their decision-making around a comprehensive array of topics, from conflicts of interest to discrimination. It includes Zurn Water Solutions’ Human Rights Statement, our commitment to respecting, protecting and supporting human rights throughout our operations and our supply chain, which aligns with Principles 1 and 2 of the United Nations Global Compact*.

Zurn Water Solutions’ suppliers extend our influence in the world far beyond our direct operations. The Supplier Code of Conduct helps us ensure that our external partners operate in ways that are consistent with our Sustainably Inspired ethos. It spells out our policies and expectations for suppliers—around compliance with the law, ethics and integrity, diversity, conflict minerals, human rights and respect for the environment. As part of our Supplier Quality and Development Program, we have introduced the use of supplier surveys and contractual reviews designed to identify negative environmental or social impacts, both actual and potential, and we are engaging with suppliers on sustainability initiatives. All top suppliers must sign this Code annually, and all long-term contracts are contingent on compliance.

*Zurn Water Solutions joined the United Nations Global Compact in December 2021, formally committing to:

  • Promote environmental stewardship for our customers and the planet
  • Enhance the overall health, safety, and welfare of our associates
  • Invest in people and create an inclusive work environment
  • Support the communities in which Zurn Water Solutions operates