The same water we depend on for drinking and growing crops is also a critical utility: It helps cool and heat buildings, suppress fires, sanitizes dishes, and powers life-saving treatments like dialysis. Along the way, the water used to perform those functions can pick up pollutants, grease, sediments, and other hazards. To protect human health, we must keep water from those systems out of the drinking water supply and the natural world.

Zurn Water Solutions is a leading provider of water management systems that allow buildings to use water for multiple purposes without risking contamination. From the day John A. Zurn founded the company to produce backflow valves that prevent sewage backups, we’ve continually added to our suite of products that preserve clean drinking water.

  • We offer a full range of backflow preventers that sit at the junctions between the water supply and any other system — preventing non-potable water from backing up into drinking water. Whether it’s a low-hazard application, like a connection to a beverage dispenser, or a high-hazard application like a connection to a medical system, we’ve got a device to suit the circumstances.
  • We’ve enhanced our backflow preventers with connected technology that collects and analyzes data and reports the results to a mobile or web interface, where building owners can monitor performance and predict maintenance needs.
  • We offer a range of interceptor products that keep grease, oil and solids out of a building’s pipes and sewer discharges. This product suite helps local businesses like restaurants, car washes, auto repair shops and other facilities keep fat, grease, oil, and other waste out of the public sewage system, protecting sewage treatment plants that are vital for maintaining healthy communities.
  • In 2021, we added remote monitoring capabilities to our interceptors and separators through our acquisition of ATS Environmental.

Effective water management systems can help prevent the majority of water-borne illnesses. That’s why water safety has been a core part of Zurn Water Solutions’ mission for the past 120 years.