At the turn of the twentieth century, John A. Zurn purchased Erie City Iron Works’ backwater valve patterns and set up shop manufacturing values and other plumbing products that addressed building owner and end-user challenges.

Innovation and customer-centricity have been cornerstones of our business ever since.

During the Great Depression, the business turned its attention to the vital businesses of water safety and control. The 1940s brought a shift to boilers to support the war effort. Drainage became a focus in the late 1940s, along with a commitment to making installation easier for contractors.

By the 1970s, looking for new areas to grow, Zurn acquired the Wilkins Regulator Company, bringing on board the product line that now covers fire protection, connected products, and every valve and backflow preventer in between. The 1980s likewise brought expansion, with the addition of flush valves.

After a short period of ownership by Jacuzzi, Zurn was purchased by Rexnord in 2007, bringing together two organizations with long-standing heritages and a shared focus on innovative solutions for the customer.

The acquisition of Green Turtle in 2014 brought additional opportunity, with its patented interceptor systems that expanded our focus beyond building walls. Recent years also increased the urgency of improving water efficiency and helping conserve water for the good of business and the planet.

We’re the product of our history and excited about our future.